Modular Touch Switch Dimmer


  • Works with Incandescent bulbs and Fans
  • Press and hold + to increase the speed or increase brightness
  • Press and hold – to decrease the speed or decrease brightness
  • No need of an additional switch in series for complete power off
  • Complete Sold state switching with PWM
  • Programmable output voltage for each step on request – MOQ required


  • Fan speed Control
  • Incandescent bulb dimming control
  • PWM output can be provided for dimming LED bulbs on request

Variants Available

  • Stand Alone Dimmer –Basic Modular Touch Dimmers
  • Dimmers supporting Remote – Modular Touch Dimmer with IR Remote support & Timers
  • Dimmers supporting Bluetooth – Modular Touch Dimmers operable with Smart phone App, Set On time/ Off Time, Monitor and Control from anywhere, Notifies App when Switch is operated (optional)


Operating Voltage 90 to 265 VAC, 50 or 60Hz
Load 400 W
Custom Icons Slider (1M size)
Choice of Colors Black, White – Touch Surface
Cutout Dimensions 48 x 22 mm, 3 mm thick panel
Shape Rectangle