Presence Detection Sensor

The sunon Group are based in Mumbai - India and are well known dealers, suppliers and exprters for Presence Detection Sensors used for energy saving of lighting loads in indoor applications such as meeting, conference, office rooms apart from laboratories, libraries and those areas where the movement is very low. The principle of human motion detection is based on Infrared heat detection through pyro detectors which are placed in this ceiling mounted 360' Degree Presence Detectors.


Material Plastic
Color White
Power Source Electric
Features Durable, Easy To Install, Heat Resistance
Warranty 1 Year
Install Style Surface Mounted


  Motion detectors / PIR Motion Sensor Switch Presence Detection Sensors
Detection Walking movements Even the tiniest movement, also sedentary activities
Application Indoors and outdoors
Indoors: garages, corridors, storerooms
Outdoors: driveways, entrances, car parks, carports, fronts of buildings
Motion detectors provide convenience, safety and security
Offices, classrooms, conference rooms etc.
High rooms: warehouses, sports halls etc.
Additional control of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or constant lighting control
Presence detectors provide maximum energy efficiency and convenience
Light Relay switching output additional loads Light
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVA)
1 - 10 V dimming interface
Light 'ON'
Movement after ambient light has fallen below threshold Light channel:
movement/ presence when ambient light has fallen below threshold
HVA channel: movement/presence
Light 'OFF'
Criterion / light measurement
Load/artificial light 'ON' and light measurement deactivated while movement is being detected.
Period light stays 'ON' for starts after last detected movement, load/artificial light then switches 'OFF'
Light 'OFF' if ambient light is sufficient despite detection of presence/movement
Light measurement remains activated HVA channel: is switched 'OFF' once the period it is set to stay 'ON' for elapses after last detected movement
Other   More setting capabilities for matching sensor to control task
Significantly greater detection precision Different options for different room types